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Best Practices for Your pURL Marketing Campaign

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Personalized URLs or pURLs are a popular new marketing tactic that is taking the business world by storm. When properly executed, pURL marketing has been proven to increase response rates exponentially.

Despite its high level of success, it is possible to make mistakes with pURL marketing. There are certain best practices that need to be followed for your pURL campaign to be successful.

Use a Dedicated Domain
The easiest way to help get your pURL marketing off to a good start is to register a domain name specifically for this particular marketing campaign. This allows an extra hint of personalization that wouldn’t be available if you simply used your regular domain name, and it makes tracking and optimizing much easier.

Ensure Optimization
Optimizing your pURL landing pages is the best tactic for getting the most out of your campaign. Customers like for things to be simple and easy. If you put too much information on the landing page it can be overwhelming, boring, and slow. This often causes customers to exit out of the page and lose interest. In order to prevent this from happening you should make sure that all of the pURL landing pages have only the information or form fields that are absolutely necessary. Never add information that you can find elsewhere, or that you can gather after a purchase.

Guarantee Relevancy
It is important to keep every aspect of your marketing, including the direct response mechanism, the email message, and the landing page, relevant to the campaign itself. There is no need for extra flash and fluff for the sake of the fluff itself. If it doesn’t enhance your message, leave it out. Make sure that the images and words on all pages have weight and merit. Do not add extra details that are not necessary. Avoid adding external links if you can help it. The fewer distractions on your landing page and within your direct mail, the better. Remember, you want to keep things short and sweet. Distractions and extras will just weigh down the call to action that you are attempting to convey to consumers.

Use the Information Gathered
One of the big benefits of pURL marketing is the fact that all the information garnered from your campaign can be tracked and accounted for on an individual level. This allows you to find out a great deal about what makes your campaign work – and what causes it to fail. But better yet, it allows you to see exactly who is interested in what you have to offer, and where you should direct your follow up efforts.

Adding a pURL campaign to your direct marketing is a great way to improve your response rates. And following these pURL marketing best practices is the best way to ensure that your efforts pay off.

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Web Site – A Marketing Tool

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When you are running a profit-oriented business, if you are not getting clients, better still, if you are not selling or enjoying good sales, certainly you are on your way out of business. Even if you have all the 4Ms- Men, Materials, Machine and Money- there is no guarantee that your product or service will sell appreciably and at a profit. The marketing function of an enterprise is a series of activities that are geared towards selling of your products or services. If you are in business and you want to sell, you need to do marketing. What is marketing? It is all activities concerned about satisfying consumer needs at affordable cost to the consumer, and at least at a sustainable level of profit to the organization. The goal of satisfaction of consumer needs is pursued through the following marketing functions- market research, product creation, product development, advertisement, promotion, pricing, and distribution/availability. For each product or service, effort is made to achieve a suitable balance among the various elements of this marketing mix.

Business enterprises are now taking advantage of the Web to showcase their products and services, present their company profile, and how to contact them on their web site for the world to see. This is online advertising which is creation of awareness. Some of them conduct market research through their site by asking people to submit their opinions on their products and services in specially created forms and e-questionnaire. In this way, they identify clients (referred to as consumers in the marketing definition above) needs. When you have developed and hosted your site, it is still unknown to the world in the real sense of it and it is not yet reaching out to so many people even as it is on internet. So, you have to do marketing for the it, both conventional and internet marketing to enable you create awareness for it and achieve the principal goal of experiencing visibility by your organization. The focus of this article is internet marketing. As you create awareness for your site, you are also marketing your products and services and other things you want to present on the site. How do you create awareness for your web site, that is, advertise your site? This is by directing traffic to your site. The whole gamut of activities involved in getting visits to a site can be summarized as directing traffic to web site. In one word, after hosting your site, the next thing is to direct traffic to it.

There are various ways of directing traffic to a site. Some are the following-

  1. Submission of site for search engine listing- This is a very popular way of directing traffic to site. When you submit your web site URL to popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, your site is enlisted and becomes accessible through certain query results although the ranking (the position) will be low initially. Gradually, people will get to know of your site.
  2. Submission of site to web directory for listing- Web directory provides a catalogue of organizations by listing their sites by category and subcategory. A lot people search directories when looking for information. Listing your site in directories will surely enhance creation of awareness for it.
  3. Submission of articles to web article publishers- Popular web article publishers like EzineArticles do a lot in helping to direct traffic to web site. This is another choice avenue for getting information by many people. When you submit your article with your site URL in your short profile, readers of your article might visit your site and by so doing, you start getting traffic to your web site.
  4. Social media site presence- Social networking sites create a forum for communication and interaction between several people regardless of the distance between them. When you create an account and include your site URL in your profile in popular social media sites, you are creating awareness for your site to your numerous followers and others. Business pages like Facebook page and Company page in LinkedIn when created also enhance directing of traffic to your web site as more and more followers join. They are an extension of your corporate site providing a medium of advertisement for it via social interaction
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- When your site has been enlisted in a search engine, the next thing is to raise its ranking so that people can quickly come across your site link after submitting a search query because a long list of web sites is usually displayed in search results. You look for an SEO professional to optimize your site for you so that the ranking can go up. It usually takes some time to achieve remarkable increase in ranking.
  6. Advert placement- Placing an advert of a site on other web sites certainly helps in promoting the directing of traffic to a site. A good example is Google AdSense advert that publishes your site advert on many web sites as soon as the publishing site registers for the service with Google. When visitors click on the advert, they are taken to your web site immediately.

By the time you apply a combination of these techniques or all of them, traffic will certainly be going to your site and your organization will be reaching out to more and more people on the internet through visits and revisits. You can monitor the level of traffic to your site daily, monthly etc by various means such as Google Analytics report and site statistics report offered by your site control panel. To get Google Analytics report, you need to have an account with Google. Another way of monitoring traffic to your site is by putting a program in your site which can retrieve the IP address of any visitor and store it together with the date in your site’s database. This way, you are in a position to know how people are visiting your site daily.

After a successful marketing of your site by creating awareness for it through traffic driving, what your web site has to offer can be known to a large audience. Your site would have been positioned to do some of what conventional marketing does like advertising your products and services in print and electronic media to reach out to people at large. Web site is really a marketing tool and should be accorded such recognition especially those conservative ones who only believe in conventional marketing.

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If You Only Knew The Truth About Network Marketing

May 25 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you think network marketing is going door-to-door selling soap you need to pay attention. That’s what I thought it was because I had been listening to the know-it-alls, the Monday morning quarterbacks.

They have all the answers and NO money.

It was a few years ago when I was introduced to mlm, but what I had assumed it was and what it actually is are completely different. I discovered network marketing during a frustrating day at work. I was voicing my frustration with a fellow employee and he told me that he had found a way to quit his job within the next couple of years.

I began questioning him about how he was going to do that. Since he was just getting started he was struggling for an explanation without spilling all the beans and losing me before I knew all the details. Well I had seen a catalog laying around and eventually I guessed what it was. It was Amway.

No! No! No!

I’m told him I’m NOT doing Amway.

But he was smart because he asked me what I knew about it. When I gave him my uneducated answer he knew all he had to do was get me to sit down for a presentation because I was hungry, I was frustrated and I wanted out of my dead end job.

After I agreed to sit down with him for a presentation I was in. I had big dreams and they showed me people living like I wanted to live and that’s all it took. I got my kit and I went to work. But the “A” word was a big hurdle to get over because people thought they knew all about it. They didn’t want to sell soap. Once a person thinks they know something, even if they’re wrong, it’s virtually impossible to accept the truth.

I worked the business for awhile and made a little bit of money but I didn’t like my upline and I didn’t like having to sneak the “A” word into my presentation. It was just too hard for what the return was even though they had great products and were a highly successful company.

I started looking for a new company before I decided to abandon ship. I loved having my own business from home, the comraderie, the positive atmosphere, but just not with that company. As I was searching for a new “home” I got in touch with one of the more successful distributors of a nutritional supplement company. I was trying to defend what I was already doing but then he asked me, “are you making $10,000 per month yet?”

Of course I wasn’t, and since he was making more than that & willing to show me exactly how to do it too, I was in. The products were also more in line with my lifestyle and hobbies.

Now the company is 19 years old and going stronger than ever. They just experienced a 40% increase in growth this last year. Even with the economy in turmoil.

So much for the notion that you have to get in on the ground floor to make any money. I know people that started 2 years ago that are making more money than people that started 5 years ago. It’s all what you put in it.

Is that how your job works?

Network marketing is a real business, with real products and people earning real incomes. Some people make huge incomes. For some reason though, when people join a network marketing company, they have this idea that they’re going to be millionaires overnight. That’s not going to happen. So when things don’t happen overnight they give up and quit.

It is a business and it takes work, hence NetWORK Marketing.

It’s just like a lot of other things, you get out of it what you put into it. I know you’re probably not going to be getting much more than a 6% raise over the next 2 years. I also know people who are consistent and are with a legit company(there are scams out there) that are increasing there income by $2,000 to $5,000 per month within 2 years. Some are able to completely replace their income from their J.O.B.

So if you’re looking for a way out of the weekly grind that’s taking you nowhere fast, you need to at least get the facts before you make your decision. Look for a solid, reputable company that has proven products. And don’t think you have to get in on the ‘ground floor.’ Just like every other business, getting it off the ground is the hardest part. You don’t want to give a business 2 or 3 years of your life only to have them fold just as you’re business is really taking off.

With the internet your opportunities are endless. If you learn the right way to attract people, they’ll be coming to you. And those people are ready to go. No more attacking people in the malls or inviting them over to dinner just to show them your ‘plan.’

The world of network marketing has evolved. The world itself is evolving and changing at rapid speeds. We aren’t going back to the way things used to be. This is a new way to distribute goods and services. The corporate hierarchy is losing it’s power. Do your homework and see if this type of business is for you. Despite what others say, it’s not for everyone. But at the same time, everyone can do it.

When you see how big and fast some of these companies are growing you’ll be astounded. You’ll probably also discover how some of the top dogs are leveraging the power of the internet and making money literally while they sleep.

What’s not to like?

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Network Marketers – We’re Not Just A Bunch Of Crooks

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you ever had someone look at you like you must be a
crook – or someone to be pitied – because you are a network

A lot of people feel that way and unfortunately it’s because most
don’t know any better. There’s a suspicious, sneering, turn-up your
nose attitude toward network marketing that came about as the
result of some pretty rotten network marketing companies. And of
course there’s the mistaken belief that network marketing or MLM
(multi-level-marketing) as it is also called, is some kind of pyramid

But in reality, Network Marketing is nothing more than a system which
makes it possible for everyday people – like YOU and ME – to obtain
unbelievable levels of financial freedom and personal rewards through
persistence, concentrated effort, determination, and yes I’ll say it –
hard work.

It gives you the opportunity to build your own successful business
without all the entanglements of traditional business: employee
problems, payroll, overhead, etc., etc.

I’ll be the first to admit that in the past there’s been some pretty
shady characters in network marketing. But over the last few years
multi-level-marketing has grown into a legitimate and most efficient
way for a company to distribute their products or services. And many
network marketing companies are now being traded publicly on
NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. To do so they must
establish AND maintain high standards of business practices and
be open to the security and control of the SEC (Securities and
Exchange Commission).


Let’s talk for a moment about pyramids. Do you know that the
pyramid is the strongest structure known to man? Are you also
aware that almost every company you do business with is built
on the geometric shape of a pyramid?

Your bank, grocery store, gas station – they’re all pyramids.

You can also include Coca Cola, McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble,
Nabisco and hundreds of other companies that you purchase
products from everyday to those that are built in the shape of a


Well, you have the CEO at the top. On the next level you might
have one, two or three Vice Presidents. Then comes the Management
Team, of which there could be dozens and finally but certainly not
least, is the Everyday Work Force.

However in a MLM company, instead of having a CEO at the top
of the pyramid there’s YOU. All those who join the business through
your efforts are placed under you, that is, they become members of your
downline. Those who join the business under your downline are also
placed under you, but your direct downline member (the person you
personally sponsored), now moves to the top of their own pyramid.


Another difference between traditional business and network
marketing is the pay structure. In traditional business will the
assembly line worker earn as much income as the managers?


And the management team will not earn as much as the vice
president(s). The vice president will not earn as much as the
CEO. Each person’s level of income is based on their posistion
in the company’s structure – the pyramid.

In network marketing, each person has the opportunity to earn
more income than the person above them. For instance – depending
on the strength of YOUR efforts in working your business, you
could end up earning a higher income than the person who sponsored
you. Someone that you sponsor could possibly surpass you in
earnings based on their efforts. No other industry that I know of gives
you the opportunity to earn income based on your own efforts and
those that you train – instead of your posistion or title in a company.


But what makes all of the above named companies and network
marketing different from an illegal pyramid scheme?

Products and Services!

An honest and legitimate MLM company has a product(s) or service(s)
that they offer to the public through their distributors – and will place
the most importance on selling the products.

If you are approached by someone who tells you that you can
make money just from the number of people that you sign
up…Run for the Hills!

Earning income strictly from the number of others you can
recruit into a program is illegal! That’s not to say that a legitimate
network marketing company won’t give you the opportunity to
receive a bonus or incentive on those that you sponsor, but the
main focus is still on the Sales Of Products Or Services.


Essentially what makes network marketing different from Coca
Cola or Nabisco is the Method of Distributing Products or Services.

That twelve pack of soda or package of cookies you bought the
other day went from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the retailer
to you. In network marketing we cut out the middle men. The product
goes from the Manufacturer to the Customer. And instead of spending
millions of dollars per year on advertising, network marketing companies
depend on the efforts of their individual distributors to spread the word
about their product.


The network marketing industry is based on the simple word-of-mouth
recommendation of products or services. And I’ll bet that you and your
friends do network marketing all the time – you’re just not aware of it.

Have you ever tried a new product and liked it so much that you told
someone about it? The person you told then bought the product, tried it
and liked it also. They then told someone else about it – who bought it,
liked it and told someone else about it, and so on and so on.

But ask yourself this, who made money from YOUR recommendation
of that product? It wasn’t You!

Now let’s use the same scenario with your own network marketing
business. When you told your friend about that great new product
that you found and she bought it – YOU would have earned income.
Then when she told her friend about the product and they bought it,
YOU and YOUR FRIEND would have earned income – and so on
and so on.

In a Nutshell – That’s Network Marketing! It is driven by the
word-of-mouth recommendation of PRODUCTS and SERVICES,
not by chain-letters or recruiting people to pay for absolutely
nothing except the chance to recruit more people to pay for
absolutely nothing.

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Marketing Tips – How To Find Good Leads And Prospects

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

By far the fastest way to get some leads and prospects calling is with advertising. When you do advertising, all you’re doing is advertising your products and services for the whole world to see. So it’s best that you make your ad as good as possible. If you want to gain some experience with running full page ads, you can start your own swipe file and look over it for examples that you can to emulate a headline that goes well for your business or sales letter.

So where can you find a “swipe file”? Well, they can be found around all over the internet. I’ve seen a very good one that sells for $5. This is quite the deal for a resource that couldn’t earn you more money. What you want to do with this swipe file is to find a letter or an ad that you can revise and put your contact information on it. You never want to duplicate the letter word-for-word. Instead, take pieces of it and create a totally new ad or letter from scratch.

This is the basis of direct response marketing. With direct response, all you’re doing is taking a strategy that’s already been proven to work, and then modify and use it for your advantage. And the results should come quickly. There aren’t any “waiting for exposure” like a lot of techniques teach. With direct response, your ad either works now, or it doesn’t.

Now with that being said, you may have to re-invent your business. You may have to consider going into a niche so that people can easily find you and come to you because you have some of the most diverse products in your store. This re-vamping of your business can definitely be a good thing.

This will lead to increased sales and profits on your behalf if you know how to play it right. The bottom line is that if you want to see success in your business, you have to put forth a true action plan that will help you to do it. Consider using postcards and internet to your advantage.

With a postcard, you can send your customers a letter with your image on it, thanking them for being a customer of yours – and no sales pitch. This will help solidify the relationship that you have with your customers, and will help to bring recurring customers back into your place of business.

If you want to have success with this form of marketing, then I think that you should start using it today if you really want to turn your business life around.. This is a great way to get foot traffic into your place of business, and it will help you to earn as much money as possible for your niche.

Use these tips to help you market your business effectively, and to help you stay afloat in today’s tough economy. These techniques will be more than worth it if you want to see more sales and profits in your business..

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success as possible with your niche.

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2 Common Direct Mail Mistakes Online Business Owners Make

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Everyday people attempt direct mail because they hear that it’s an easy method for making money from home. Most people who try to use direct mail don’t stay around for long because of the amount of money that they wind up losing. But this doesn’t have to be your fate – but only if you avoid the most common mistakes of direct mail.

In today’s lesson, I’m going to reveal to you some of the most common mistakes that people make with direct mail when it comes to promoting their website and their backend products. This list isn’t exhaustive, there’s much more, but I just and to point out the most common ones. Here’s the first big and common mistake that people make:

1) Mailing via bulk rate

You never want to do this. When mailmen see your bulk mail letters, they will think that it’s some sort of ridiculous advertisement, and will probably throw your mail away… all of them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a legit letter was meant for your customers. Mail men don’t know this… all they know is that the letter looks like bulk mail, and they will toss it away – especially if their mail bag is heavy.

Never send out bulk mail. Send out a letter or postcard with a real life stamp. Your goal is to get them to briefly read your letter or postcard, and lead them back to your website where they can possibly buy your product. You don’t have to send out a 23 page letter detailing your offer. Instead, make it quick and easy, and you will be good to go. Here’s another thing that you don’t want to do when doing direct mail for your internet business.

2) Don’t over populate the letter with teaser copy

Have you ever heard of “teaser copy”? Well if you haven’t, you should know that teaser copy is simply small snippets of text on an envelope that is supposed to entice someone to open up their mail. You’ve seen it before. If you’ve received mail from a major retail store, then you know what I mean.

Typical teaser copy that you may see on an envelope are: “first class mail”, “urgent”, “for you only”, “pertinent information inside”, and more. Hopefully you catch my drift, and have seen mail like this. And this is actually fine… the main thing is that you don’t want to be excessive with it.

I’ve seen and received envelopes with large and small text on the front and back of the envelope. The text were in different colors and looked like a straight sales pitch. I didn’t even open up the letter because I already knew that it was some sort of offer inside of it – that was probably promoting a $1,000 product.

Direct mail can be easy, just don’t overcomplicate it, and proceed with a simple approach. If you want to make more money from your website using direct mail, I’m confident that you can make it happen.

Good luck with using direct mail in your internet business today.

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Direct Marketing Offers Flexibility Plus Support

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Hundreds of thousands of people in North America work either part or full time for some type of direct marketing company. “Direct marketing” refers to selling something, either a product or a service, directly to consumers. This kind of selling “by-passes” the typical retail venues, like a physical store. Direct marketing companies also rely most heavily on word-of-mouth to promote its products rather than commercials, newspaper/magazine ads, etc.

These companies recruit independent sales representatives to promote and sell their products. This kind of selling typically occurs within the home of a customer who agrees to hold a “show” or a “party”. The party host/hostess then invites a group of friends and acquaintances to hear about the product or service. The independent sales representative describes and demonstrates the product or service that he/she is trying to sell to guests.

The independent sales representative usually earns a commission, or percentage of the total amount of sales for a show or shows. Every direct marketing company is different, but typically an independent sales representative earns somewhere between 15 and 25 percent of the total amount of sales that he/she generates.

The goal of direct marketing, aside from making sales, is to keep the chain of sales going. Independent sales representatives try to generate new business during these in-home shows. They may offer the host/hostess a bonus product or a small commission for any new shows that are booked by guests at the party.

The biggest benefit joining up with a direct marketing company is that independent sales representatives are able to choose their own work schedules. They are almost always free to sell as little or as much as they want to (although the parent company may offer strong incentives to reach certain sales targets). There may be a minimum monthly sales quota to meet in order to remain “active” with the company, though there are many companies that don’t have a monthly quota.

Direct marketing is one of the most popular and simplest ways to work at home. Independent sales representatives have the benefit of a parent company which offers training and sales advice. They also have opportunities to work for extra rewards over and above the commission check for meeting sales targets. Cruises, trips and cars are commonly offered to top sales representatives.

You don’t necessarily have to be the world’s best sales person to be successful at direct marketing. You probably have what it takes if:

* You enjoy socializing and meeting new people.

* You are self-motivated.

* You really like the product(s) or service(s) that a particular company offers. “Avid customers make the best sales representatives” is a very common mantra in direct marketing. If you already enjoy and believe in the product, you won’t have to worry about sounding like you’re making a phony or contrived sales pitch.

* You like to challenge yourself.

Direct marketing allows the independent sales representative to be his or her own boss, yet still have the support of more experienced mentors. Some people choose this kind of work as a part time or supplementary income. Others work it into a full time, sustainable and livable income. Either way, direct marketing is an excellent way to make money at home.

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Magento Ingram Fulfillment and Direct Marketing

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When you are talking about fulfillment it is simply defined as fulfilling or completing an order or desire or want. In ecommerce it means the process of receiving the initial order for the merchandise, then packaging the merchandise and shipping the merchandise. Magento Ingram Fulfillment is a software program that allows Ingram books whether ebooks or physical book orders that are placed to be fulfilled or the order completed. Whether you are in the startup process of an ecommerce website or already have made the decision of a ecommerce software program like Magento or already have a ecommerce software platform installed and in use you can add a fulfillment extension such as Magento Ingram Fulfillment or some form of it that may not be related directly to the sales or catalog of Ingram ebooks or physical books or Magento Ingram Fulfillment.

Since fulfillment is the process whereby your customer receives their merchandise it is a very important process and one that must be performed expertly and correctly for several reasons. One of the reasons is that you want your customer to receive the correct order. If there is a mistake made then someone, generally the seller has to eat the costs to correct the order. This directly affects the bottom line. Also if the incorrect order was fulfilled then you have a very upset customer and probably you won’t have a repeat customer nor will they recommend your ecommerce site to anyone else. And word of mouth is often delivered these days via a social networking site where it gets very wide free distribution.

Any ecommerce website has to be involved with direct marketing. When you use a fulfillment program you will have data that you can utilize for a direct marketing program because a fulfillment program will keep statistical date about your customers that you can access or get in a report form. Then you can send solicited or unsolicited emails to the customers which is a form of direct marketing. Direct marketing are those marketing strategies that are not traditional such as TV or radio. Since direct marketing involves getting and maintaining a large database with your customers or potential customers information in it fulfillment gathers this data. Some fulfillment programs even notify you that a potential customer has added an item to their wish list. This is what makes up the foundation of a good direct marketing program. So a fulfillment software package whether as an extension or within the original software platform is a good way to acquire this potentially important information. Also it can be concluded that people who use the internet to shop understand that their data is kept in an internet database so they almost expect to receive emails advertising products and special offers.

A Magento or similar software platform for ecommerce is a strong element in becoming a successful ecommerce website. It gives the site owner a powerful tool to tweak the website and the related programs which includes a fulfillment program.

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Bulk E-Mail Marketing Could Affect Your Online Advertising and Your Business

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Of all the marketing tools you can use on the internet, email marketing is probably the most effective. Because of the advances in new technologies it is becoming a lot easier to be able to attract and keep business customers.

Used for business, the internet can contact thousands of people all over the world, at the touch of a button. Using email to communicate and contact people from all over the world, can be a very powerful business tool indeed.

That is how the idea of mass email marketing came about. Bulk email marketing can be seen from two angles, some people use the terms mass marketing, direct email marketing or just direct marketing as a way of referring it to a marketing tool. It is looked at as a way of contacting lots of people simultaneously by the way of their email addresses whether it was solicited or not.

Most people regarded this type of marketing as SPAM, which is unwanted, unsolicited, useless junk email. It uses up band width that could be better used elsewhere. Bulk emails can benefit both consumer and businesses, but this has been abused by so many commercial enterprises that sending bulk email is now seen as SPAM. Even though the emails could have contained useful information it is now considered all as junk email.

This is why bulk email marketing may adversely affect your e marketing campaigns and e-marketing strategies. If only one of your emails are considered spam, it could cause all of your emails to be blocked by all the email service providers. Your site could also be blocked by all the search engines and banned from your hosting service provider.

Beware of companies that want to sell you masses of email addresses claiming them to be from a relevant and legitimate opt in list. Stay away from these companies or you could be storing up trouble for yourself and your business.

You can avoid all this trouble by creating your own opt in list, this is where people who are interested in what you have to offer, and give you permission to contact them via their email address. This not only builds a trusting business relationship but builds a targeted customer base. You can build a huge customer base over time and you know your customers are interested in what you have to offer. Also you will not be bombarding them with useless,unwanted junk email.

If you are only just starting up your own business and you do not have an email list, it may be an idea for you to advertise your products on relevant forums, notice boards and other platforms. These sites can help you to build very large email lists in a short time. There are many ways you can build your email list, use your imagination and do plenty of research, because there is plenty of help out there on the internet.

Email marketing can be a very powerful tool to use for your e marketing campaign and e-marketing strategies and will be very good for your business, but do not forget no unsolicited bulk email.

Remember run your business in a professional and trust worthy manner and you will be successful. Good luck.

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Direct Mail Marketing For CPAs And Accountants

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In the accounting industry, direct mail marketing can be very cost effective. CPAs and Accountants are fortunate to be in an industry where they are able to purchase a database, which provides precise information on potential clients. This makes marketing with direct mail a very cost effective approach to develop new clients.

The first thing a CPA Accountant will need to do is purchase a list of businesses that meet the criteria a CPA Accountant establishes to qualify a client for his or her firm. There are many criteria a CPA Accountant may choose, but the most common are, location, number of employees, sales volume, and industry. Some list companies will even provide limited credit information. It is best to generally select locations closest to your office. Most compiling companies use databases with zip codes to establish locations. Accordingly, the CPA Accountant should start by providing the zip code for his or her office working a radius outward until the desired number of businesses on the list is reached.

Once the criterion is established, the Accountant is now ready to purchase a database. Info USA and Dunn & Brad Street are perhaps two of the largest companies that compile and sell database information for resale. It is recommended the list be purchased from one of these two companies. They are reliable and have been in business a long time. Unfortunately, there are many companies selling list information that are not reliable and that have high error rates. Many other companies are basically just list brokers who purchased a list wholesale from one of those two companies and then resell it to you. It makes sense to always purchase your list from a database compiling company, which has a proven reliable record.

With the list purchased, the Accountant now has a defined target market of potential business that could be good clients for his or her firm. Direct mailing to the defined target is cost effective. The CPA Accountant is not incurring costs of marketing outside of his or her target market. Radio, television, and newspapers all broadcast or publish to the general public. Advertising in these forms of media would subject the CPA Accountant to incurring cost communicating outside of his or her target market. Direct mail focuses the cost of communication to his or her defined target market.

There are three basic rules the CPA Accountant must follow in direct-mail marketing. The first rule is always use professional letterhead and envelopes. Many times Accountants generate “in house” their own business stationary giving it a “home made appearance.” The CPA’s direct mail piece is the first representation of his or her firm’s work that a potential client might experience. The CPA desires his or her marketing piece to be of the highest quality. A professional appearing CPA Accountant direct mail marketing letter to a profession or business will be opened while a low grade appearing letter is often just discarded.

The second rule is never use bulk mail or mailing labels. When unsolicited mail is received, the business owner will look at it and make a decision. Does this look like something he or she should open? The decision is then based on visible attributes of the CPA’s direct marketing envelop labeling. If the labeling of the envelope was with a pre-printed mailing label accompanied with a bulk mail stamp, most likely the letter will never be opened and will be discarded. However, if the Accountant directly labeled the envelope with postage paid via a metered or regular first class stamp, the envelope will appear important influencing the decision to open the letter.

After the business owner decides to open the Accountant’s letter, he or she will always scan the piece to discern quickly if it is of interest. The third rule is to always keep the letter short and to the point. The prospective client will quickly determine if it is interesting and short enough to read while not consuming much time. A common mistake CPA Accountants make is attempting to write long lengthy letters to “sell themselves”. This is a very costly mistake. The objective of the letter is to initiate a positive response. Once a prospective client responds positively, he or she will be provided an opportunity to convey those things in subsequent conversations and meetings enticing him or her to use the CPA Accountant’s services.

In addition to the three basic rules, it is always recommended the CPA Accountant include a business card with the direct mail letter. This will allow the prospective client to locate the CPA Accountant’s contact information and retain it for future reference. It is also recommended that the CPA Accountant refrain from using postcards in direct mail marketing for the accounting industry. They have a commodity appearance diminishing the perception of the quality of the CPA Accountant’s firm. Finally, always use industry-specific direct mail pieces whenever possible.

In summary, direct mail marketing for CPA Accountants can be very cost effective. The use of target markets avoids spending advertising dollars outside of the target audience. It is important to always follow the three basic rules for direct mail marketing for CPAs and Accountants. The costs of violating those rules can be enormous. Marketing for CPA Accountants does not have to be expensive but can be very cost effective if implemented correctly.

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