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Where Are You in the Marketing Mix?

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My question to you today is “Where are you in the marketing mix? Traditionally the marketing mix is the four “P’s”: Product/Service, price, promotion, and place. I want to go in a different direction with this; many small business owners get thrown for a loop when business slows down. We scramble to figure the next business move, especially if we don’t have a “B” or “C” plan. Sometimes the path becomes blurry and you wonder what should you do next, especially when things are slow or it doesn’t seem to be working.

Stay On Course Trust what you have learned in the light, not when you are in a tunnel of darkness. If your product or service, price, promotion and place have worked all along, stay on course. This is the time to buckle down and communicate, communicate, and communicate, sales is about building relationships. It’s time to reassure your clients and customers, you have the confidence to weather any storm and economic struggles. Educate clients about the products and services you provide, ask for referrals. Have you had plans to launch a new product or service? Most business owners receive most of the sales and referrals from satisfied clients and customers. Reach out, teach and inform.

Steps to mix it up For business owners without an “A” plan, take this opportunity to develop one. Decide what is most important to you; building a brand or direct marketing. When you build your brand you are focusing on selling your company name and the products/service you provide. Brand building helps to give company longevity, and name recognition. Direct marketing helps build concentrated sales on a product/service, like infomercials for instance.

The next step in developing a marketing plan is to create specific marketing objectives and write them down. What do you want your marketing efforts to do for you? If you’re selling herbs, for instance, perhaps you want to increase your monthly sales by 25 percent. My own marketing objective is to gain a new client each month. Whatever marketing objective you set, be sure it’s realistic. The marketing objective must motivate, and provide a way to track and evaluate your success.

Now under each marketing objective, write specific things you can do to achieve results. If you want to increase service sales by 25 per cent, you might create an email campaign Carefully take the time to think it through so you have a recipe for action.

Take fifteen minutes a day to review your marketing strategies, action plan, and track your marketing activities. Try it for 7 days and evaluate the results, and see if you don’t see a difference in your bottom line.

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How to Choose a Network Marketing System

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A network marketing system is crucial to your online success. But, is your network marketing system lying to you? Here are some things to consider when choosing and following a network marketing system.

Duplication Slap

Search engines do not like duplication. That’s why we work hard to put out original content. That’s why we rewrite our articles. If your network marketing system is not fully customizable, they are setting you up for failure before you ever begin. When choosing a marketing system be sure that you have the ability to place your own unique content on your pages.

Link Love

One method of keeping your pages search engine friendly is having most links point directly to your own website. However, most systems have your website links pointing directly back to their main website. They might have your name tacked on at the end, but it is always pointing back to their website. This gives them higher authority and guarantees that their page will be displayed before yours. So, when choosing a network marketing system be sure you can host your website on your own domain and all links point directly to you, not anyone else.

Who’s Primary Business?

The ultimate goal of any network marketing system is to lead your prospects back to your primary business. Does your system allow you to use your own business and not theirs? Who is ultimately going to benefit from the system you choose? It’s a question most definitely worth asking.

Complete Training

The first 2 years of my network marketing career was nothing but failure. It took 2 full years for me to figure out why. Here it is in a nutshell. My upline was giving me just enough information to give me a little success without being competitive to them. When choosing a network marketing system make sure that you are given complete training. This includes both free and paid methods. Everything from social media to content marketing all the way to email marketing and yes, even personal development.

Generating Leads

Many systems give you a way to generate leads. If not they are not even worth considering. However, who has control of these leads? Who is emailing these leads. If you do not have 100% control over the leads you generate something is wrong. Even if your system sends out just one email to your list that means they are storing your list somewhere. When choosing a network marketing system make sure you have complete control over the leads you are generating.


Many systems claim to be free only to, at the last minute, spring costs on you. Now, I am not saying anything is wrong for there to be a cost involved. Quite the opposite. In fact, if they are asking for money to use their system I know they are not using sneaky methods to benefit from me in other ways. The point is, make sure the network marketing system you are thinking about is completely transparent. Both in their intentions and their cost.

A good network marketing system will be of huge benefit to your online business. They will save you time, money and save your downline from attrition. However, be sure to do your research on any system before settling in. If they have a free or very low cost trial period do not feel bad about taking it. This will allow you to fully sum up what they are about and allow you to form an educated opinion.

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Making Big Profit In The Stock Market

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To trade and invest profitably, there are many important things you need to know about the stock market. This article looks into some of the most important rules you need to know to make profit in the stock market.

1. Never trust the advice of your broker unless they have successfully traded their own money for some years.

2. Avoid the mistake of buying at extreme high price. You should only buy stock when the price is relatively low with potential to make profit in the nearest possible time.

3. In the stock market, note the direction of movement of price. Price movement is either up or down. And knowing this will enable you enter the market at the appropriate time to enable you make money in shares through margin trading.

4. Change is constant and this statement is also true for the stock market, and this leads to “the trend always changes rule”. Price may be down in one moment and up the other moment. So, when price goes down against you, do not despair for the price may go up in your favor the next moment. All you need to do is carefully take position to take advantage of share price movement to ensure a profitability of your investment in shares and stock.

5. The extent of change in price in one direction determines the extent of change in rebound or fall. The more extreme the move up or down, the more extreme the reverse once the trend changes.

6. The stock market moves in advance and responds to information such as news or impressive fundamental. You need to be proactive in making investment. Waiting to invest only when the signals are totally clear to you may cost you some relative loss in profit. You need to take position before the long directional trend move takes place. The market reaction to good or bad news in a bull market will be positive more often than not. The market reaction to good or bad news in a bear market will be negative most of the time.

7. Know that the stock market is not human and hence not rational. The market is not capable of generating stimulus for itself, rather, it react to activities and manipulation by the players who desire to make money in shares.

8. Learn to take profits quickly and absolve losses quickly if it arises. Trading discipline is a necessary condition to make money in the market. If you are not disciplined your chances of making money in stock will be greatly reduced.

9. Technical and fundamental analysis helps to predict the potential and profitability of some stock. However, successful market timing is necessary for you to know your entry point and exit point for you to make big money from the stock market.

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Social Media Marketing, How it Can Benefit Your Business

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Social Marketing is a confusing labyrinth of terms, conditions and rules that you need an expert in social marketing to navigate for you. Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter, YouTube, and Hubpages all have a variety of rules to follow regarding business use of their sites. You can become a fan of just about any major company on any of the main social networking sites. That does not mean that you can just duplicate your website on any of these sites and multiply your business accordingly.

There are many restrictions about commercial advertising and direct solicitation of members. There are rules against spam as well that you need to be aware of to keep your site from being shut down for non compliance. You need to be an expert if you want to get into all of these sites. Local Marketing Authority is a social marketing agency that is well versed in social network marketing as well as blogging for business, maximizing your email lists, search engine optimization and all of your other web marketing needs. Due to economies of scale by using Local Marketing Authority for all of your web marketing needs you will realize a great deal of savings rather than using several providers.

If you have a great deal of video content that you use to bring traffic to your site via RSS feeds, blog links or newsletter links you can use YouTube as the repository for them as an additional place to have your customers go for information. I would recommend having your social marketing agency transfer copies of your video to YouTube as members of the various social networking sites feel more comfortable viewing what could be considered “commercial” video at YouTube versus going directly to the company’s website for the same video.

Having someone on Twitter who has a large following in the market you are seeking to reach Tweet about your product or service can drive a great deal of traffic in the direction you want to go. Many people become fans of a particular company or product so that they can get the most up to date information on new products, promotions, and contests. Other benefits to having a great deal of social network marketing efforts are that to actually set up the various sites and access comes at no charge to you. To effectively set up on all of the various sites you would need a great deal of time which most business owners do not have. To maximize your exposure and to take advantage of the benefits of social network marketing you would need to employ the services of a web marketing company like Local Marketing Authority that not only can help you with reaching the hundreds of millions of customers on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and the rest of the social networking sites but with the rest of your web marketing needs.

Not only are social networking sites excellent areas for new customers and revenue you need to consider business networking sites like LinkedIn as well. You can put your company profile up and join the various groups that apply to your business area. You can also blog in any of the groups you are set up in. Local Marketing Authority offers “blog for business” services along with search engine optimization, RSS Feed applications and a variety of options in social network marketing. They also offer a great deal of information about the various services they offer. They have explanations of how MySpace and Facebook work, what RSS feeds are and why you should be using them to complement your email marketing, how search engine spiders work and they also offer a free E-book if you sign up for their newsletter called “13 Deadly Marketing Mistakes”.

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How to Leverage the Law of Attraction in Network Marketing-MLM

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Gimmicks and overuse aside, the Law of Attraction is the primary force in Network Marketing/MLM. Simply put, growing your downline without attracting others is impossible.

So how do you effectively leverage the Law of Attraction in your network marketing opportunity? To increase your attractiveness, the first thing you want to do is step back from the hoopla you hear at company functions and assess your market. Running around like a crazy person bothering your friends and neighbors is NOT attractive.

That’s easy enough… just think about why you joined. What attracted you to join your MLM business? Was it the product? The team leader(s)? The promise of wealth, passive income, and financial freedom? Now here’s where that “you have to believe” part comes in that you’ve probably heard repeated over and over by your upline.

You do have to believe. Not in the company and not necessarily in the product (although it doesn’t hurt), but in yourself. You need to believe you can learn and then share the necessary skills to help others grow their own network marketing business.

Once you believe, if you are lacking some of the necessary skills you must acquire them. This is the foundation for a huge attractor – confidence. The next step is share — educate — involve… give valuable information to others that are seeking now, just like you were seeking when you joined your MLM. This is a major part of attraction marketing. By being what others seek, they cannot help but be attracted to you — the Law of Attraction in action.

Confidence, direction, knowledge, motivation, passion, good nature, humor, trustworthiness — these character traits are often associated with success and they do wonders for up and coming leaders in network marketing. Other aspiring entrepreneurs, seeking success, are naturally attracted to these markers. Instead of “fake it till you make it,” learn to “believe it, be it, and breathe it” [TM] and your attractive character is born.

Then it is just a matter of sharing your attractiveness. Sort and segment your market with direct response marketing (a common tool behind most Top Earner’s businesses). Instead of pushing your opportunity to everyone within three feet, put your message out in a confident manner among a group of like-minded individuals and live the difference.

Attraction is about being chased more than about chasing. Teach your market to want you and you create your own wealth.

Want more tips and tricks? Follow the link below…

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Email Marketing – The “In-Thing” Today

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Email marketing is a form of internet marketing that is enjoying tremendous success in modern times. Who could have imagined that you can reach out to millions of people all over the world, sitting in the comfort of your house? Today, this is the most thriving marketing strategy with good success rates.

There are multiple reasons for this form of marketing to thrive. The primary reason is the minuscule cost involved. If you design the email yourself for your company, then, it would not even cost $1 to reach out to one person. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an email account and you are good to go! So, with such minimal costs involved wouldn’t you agree that this is the best form of marketing during recession?

The other reason for email marketing to be successful is readability. Most of the time people ignore the ads in television, radio, newspaper and even fliers because they are hard pressed for time. Generally, they tend to ignore such ads. However, in the case of emails, they will definitely read it at least once. And if you have designed it creatively, you can be rest assured that you would have earned a lead.

Let us see why email marketing has an upper hand over its close competitor, direct marketing. The cost of sending direct mails involves postal charges, whereas there are no charges while an email is being sent. The response rate for direct mails through courier or post is just one percent; however, the response rate for email marketing is a whooping five to ten percent. Now, isn’t that amazing! It is no wonder more people each day are considering switching over to this marketing strategy.

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Organize Your Marketing to Save Time

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Do you have time to market your WAHM business? Many work-at-home-moms market their businesses regularly when they start out and are desperate for that first paying customer. But when they get busy with clients, their marketing often falls to the wayside… until they realize they don’t have any work lined up for the next month. Then they swing back the other direction and heavily focus on marketing again.

When your marketing follows this pattern, you can waste a lot of time wondering which marketing technique to try next, and figuring out how to make it work. Instead of continually growing, your business will jump ahead in short spurts.

If you take the time to create a marketing plan, your business will always be growing because you’ll always know what to do next. You won’t get “stuck” when you have a plan to keep moving – even during busy times.

Begin to create your marketing plan by deciding what types of marketing are good for your business. What has worked well for you in the past? Is there anything new you want to add to your marketing mix?

Next, plan your marketing. Instead of focusing on the final goal – for example, an exciting publicity campaign for your new website – break the entire process down into steps. This way, you can see the big picture, but will only focus on one step at a time.

For instance, if you would like to promote your business by writing articles, you might break your marketing into these steps:

o Research places to submit your articles

o Brainstorm article ideas

o Draft your article

o Edit your article

o Submit your article

o Track your results

If a direct mailing campaign is something you want to do, you shouldn’t simply sit down and blindly mail out postcards or letters. You must first plan how you will build your mailing list, decide on the message you want to send, create the direct mail piece and then mail it.

Once you know the steps you need to take, plan the time to do them. You could make a checklist for yourself to follow, or add pieces of your marketing plan to your daily schedule. A marketing plan makes it easy to plan ahead for seasonal slumps or busy periods.

Whatever marketing techniques you use, always plan a way to track your marketing as well. Tracking will help you know what is working for you and what isn’t. Then adjust your plan accordingly.

Remember, your marketing plan is a good guideline, but it’s not set in stone. If something isn’t working, tweak it or move onto something else.

When you create a plan for your marketing, you will find the time to market yourself a little bit every day, and you can watch your business grow at a continual, steady pace.

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Email Campaigns – Direct Mail Without Paying For Postage!

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There is a big mad rush to distinguish which online marketing strategy to apply. SEO techniques, Blog marketing, article submission and other such methods, which are able to direct traffic to your website, are each valid and workable technologies.

Do email campaigns even stand a chance here? Experts believe that if you have a good email list, email campaigns work exceptionally well. Internet marketing experts often use terms like excellent ROI (Returns on Investment) when discussing Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email campaigns work very best when marketing to your existing customers. These people have purchased products from you before so they in some way meet your demographics. These customers must believe in your products and/or company to some degree so it should just be a matter of determining what your customers truly need and want, offering that product, and then informing your customer base that you now have that product for sale. Email campaigns can pull of this promotion as effectively (advertising and cost wise) better than any medium that has ever existed.

If not already doing so, you should be creating your “opt in” list, a list of email recipients that have given you permission to solicit their business through email. This can be done at your checkout counter, through your website and many other various methods.

There are list companies that exist whereas you can purchase lists to market to. The ROI is usually not as high as marketing to your existing customers, but this is consistent with any and all means of traditional advertising.

The email addresses should have been collected by legal means or else you could be reported with CAN-SPAM, a law that governs email marketing.

Assuming you have your list ready to go, produce your sales copy, create an artistic design, edit your piece, pull up your database and ship it out. Email marketing campaigns can be very successful in generating leads, repeat business, making announcements, etc.

To produce top level results with email marketing, businesses send a drip, a flow, or stream of emails to their target. This consistent stream will get noticed and if the product promoted is needed and wanted by the correctly defined target market, your cash register will be singing!

Like all other activities, email campaigns is not overly difficult, but can be time-consuming. There are email campaign services, like that quickly and at an insignificant minimal cost will handle the entire campaign from start to finish.

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Is Trade Publication Advertising Dead? Six Steps to Breath New Life Into Your Print Media Marketing!

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Is advertising in an industry trade publication or magazine, a waste of marketing dollars? Should B2B marketing strategy totally abandon print media in the future? The answer is a Big Fat No! Industry and niche market print trade publication marketing can be a huge opportunity to capture new prospects by utilizing the internet and harnessing the power of social media marketing.

The opportunity and challenge is changing how you “the advertiser” utilize trade magazine advertising to drive traffic and capture leads, not just promote yourself or create brand recognition.

Lets face it. The days of using a trade magazine to show off your company or new product to your market or industry is over, but the vehicle to attract new contacts, prospects and customers is not dead.

Look, we all know that newspapers, magazines and trade publications are getting thinner and thinner as advertisers turn away from them to invest their dwindling marketing dollars into other advertising mediums during these tough economic competitive times that many companies face. Where some see this as the end of print media and time to join the masses and jump ship, I see the glass more than half full and it as a great opportunity to stand out and create new untapped ideas to generate velocity for my marketing efforts.

To me a thinner trade magazine means that there is a better chance of my ad being found and noticed by my target customer and if I leverage this opportunity effectively it can open up new opportunities to create prospects for my sales team to capitalize on.

1. Identify Your Target
I am not talking about a target industry or a target market. I am talking about a target prospect that your marketing is going to be directed at, in an effort to capture them. You have to narrow your focus and target your efforts, to be effective. Being all things to all people will not work.

As part of my research I grabbed and flipped through any trade publications, market specific magazines and specialty niche magazine I could get my hands on. What jumped out at me was most major ads promoted a company, a brand or a specific product, but few went after the target prospect directly. You need to identify “who is my target prospect”? It is only then that a targeted PrintEnet Marketing Campaign will be successful

2. Select the Right Trade Magazines
This seems so simple, but it is a classic mistake by so many advertisers. People advertise in publications that they read, is relevant to their business and that their competition advertise in, which is not necessarily the ones that their target prospects and customers read.

Now that you have identified you target, just do the research. A quick call to any good advertising sales executive will give you all the demographics you are going to need to identify which trade publications are going to give you the best chance to reach out to and capture your target.

3. Your Ad Must Be a “Call To Action”
If you place an advertisement in a trade publication of niche magazine and your call to action is “for more information call 1-800-FAT-CHANCE”, then you are wasting your advertising dollars on print media. To make matters worse, if some one does actually call, how many sales executives are sitting at their desk waiting for those calls? Because if they do call, it will a momentary and spontaneous response to the ad. The reality in most cases is that the caller is either going to get a recording to leave their name and number or talk to someone in a call center. Neither will create real velocity and most will end right their, with nothing to show for, but a lost opportunity.

Your goal must be to design an ad that is going to direct and motivate your target to follow up by going to a simple (keyword rich) web address that will give your target free knowledge and information that will bring them value. Remember, you are targeting a specific prospect, so know what they want, need and offer it to them in a powerful way to generate an emotional response to action. You are asking them to take action, so the motivation has to be meaningful and targeted.

4. The “Squeeze Page”
Just as useless as suggesting that a target call a number for more information, is to give them your corporate website to learn more. More than 90% of static corporate or product specific website homepages are no more than a glorified yellow pages ad. That is like going fishing by tying bait to your line, forgetting to ad a hook and hoping they will just jump into your boat. Your sales team is going to starve!

You are not sending them to the homepage of your corporate website, white paper or marketing literature of the information you have enticed them with. You are sending them to a custom “squeeze page” developed to compliment your print ad that will:

Have s similar look and theme to your print ad to maintain theme continuity
Be half the size of a normal page (length), keeping key information above the fold.
Use video and images to enhance the page.
Highlight the value that your products, services and company bring to your target.
Include a registration form to capture your targets contact information to send them the important knowledge offered in your print ad.
Usually add an additional gift, chance to win something or additional enticement to motivate them to register.
Keep it concise, keep it targeted and offer limited options. One way in and no way out.

Your squeeze page analytics will easily enable you to quantify the success of your print media ad. Taking the guess work out when evaluating the effectiveness of a specific ad or campaign.

You can also test different squeeze pages to see which ones work best. Tracking results and testing different pages is a key element of internet marketing and should never to overlooked.

5. The Double Opt-In Connection
The key is that once you capture your target’s contact information and other strategic information in the registration form, you need to get their verified permission to communicate with them. This is called getting them to “double opt-in”. That is done though an online email automation tool that can be easily set up and will immediately email the address they give you to verify that it is a real email address and certify that they want the information requested and give you permission to communicate with them in the future. This is critical s it protects your marketing efforts from anti-spam laws and if written properly establishes credibility with your prospect.

Once they respond to the email they will be immediately linked to the information promised as well as an automated email or newsletter campaign that they will begin to receive. The key here is to be current and consistent with your message, but not a pest so that they hit the unsubscribe button. Daily emails are overkill and sure death to your campaign. I normally work with clients to schedule a campaign to match the product, prospect and buying cycle.

Now that you have established communication, you have a viable prospect to forward to your sales team.

The beauty of this whole marketing effort is that it is completely automated and easily duplicated to keep your investment in time and money to a minimum.

6. Begin Cultivating Your New Captured Prospect
You have now just combined the visual appeal of print media to a targeted market with the power of internet “Social Media” marketing to capture contact, establish a prospect and hopefully create a customer.

Combining media marketing resources (print, radio, television, podcasts, blogs, etc) with this strategy can enhance the effectiveness of any campaign and the power of social media marketing enables you to not only capture, but effectively communicate with and cultivate your target prospect to ultimately “Create A Customer”.

Bill Sifflard

With over thirty years experience as an entrepreneur, an executive, an author and as a internet marketing and business consultant, Bill Sifflard has a long history of experience and success establishing start-ups and bringing innovation and efficiency to small business and new expanding markets. As a premiere Social Marketing Innovator, Bill is changing how small business markets themselves using the internet and Social Media Marketing.

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Why Network Affiliate Marketing is the Fast Track of MLM Success

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Network affiliate marketing is the act of traditional network marketing meeting the new school wave of affiliate marketing. For a brief explanation of how this often works it is important to first understand why even do network affiliate marketing.

The main reason why network affiliate marketing is so popular online is because it adds good cashflow to your business. This cashflow is often upfront and mostly non-residual but can be added directly back into your advertising. This process is also known as a self-funded proposal, an offering of value rather than just a pitch of an opportunity.

How it works into sponsoring new people into your network marketing business is by backending your opportunity. In the world of network affiliate marketing, backending means after the affiliate product is offered you then build a relationship with the person who bought your affiliate product. Overtime you earn the “right to recruit” and you can sponsor people with something as simple as an email that has a link to your company’s replicated website.

What is really cool about using this method is that it brings your business to a must fuller level. It makes more well-rounded and provides an additional stream of income that is directly related to building your main stream of income in your MLM business.

Once you recruit your new distributor they will probably want to learn network affiliate marketing as well. This is a great opportunity to create some cashflow for them right away. The faster you get them making money, the more powerful of a distributor and loyal they will be to you.

There are problems however that are unique in using this strategy. So before implementation it is important to learn everything you can about it. Whether that is buying ebooks, audios, or some other informational product, it never hurts to be fully educated on the strategy.

It is the power of network affiliate marketing that has sponsored over 10,000 people without even a phone call in a span of 11 months for some people. Though these numbers have been shattered with other strategies before, a single person doing this creates quite the story.

Once you understand the full power and the inner workings of the strategy, you can then teach it to your downline. As with anything, most people will not succeed cause they will not stick it out to learn these new skills. However, the ones that do will create massive income for you and with you. That is the power of direct response marketing, a very underused strategy in the world of MLM.

For more information on network affiliate marketing, follow the instructions below.

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