Best Practices for Your pURL Marketing Campaign

Personalized URLs or pURLs are a popular new marketing tactic that is taking the business world by storm. When properly executed, pURL marketing has been proven to increase response rates exponentially.

Despite its high level of success, it is possible to make mistakes with pURL marketing. There are certain best practices that need to be followed for your pURL campaign to be successful.

Use a Dedicated Domain
The easiest way to help get your pURL marketing off to a good start is to register a domain name specifically for this particular marketing campaign. This allows an extra hint of personalization that wouldn’t be available if you simply used your regular domain name, and it makes tracking and optimizing much easier.

Ensure Optimization
Optimizing your pURL landing pages is the best tactic for getting the most out of your campaign. Customers like for things to be simple and easy. If you put too much information on the landing page it can be overwhelming, boring, and slow. This often causes customers to exit out of the page and lose interest. In order to prevent this from happening you should make sure that all of the pURL landing pages have only the information or form fields that are absolutely necessary. Never add information that you can find elsewhere, or that you can gather after a purchase.

Guarantee Relevancy
It is important to keep every aspect of your marketing, including the direct response mechanism, the email message, and the landing page, relevant to the campaign itself. There is no need for extra flash and fluff for the sake of the fluff itself. If it doesn’t enhance your message, leave it out. Make sure that the images and words on all pages have weight and merit. Do not add extra details that are not necessary. Avoid adding external links if you can help it. The fewer distractions on your landing page and within your direct mail, the better. Remember, you want to keep things short and sweet. Distractions and extras will just weigh down the call to action that you are attempting to convey to consumers.

Use the Information Gathered
One of the big benefits of pURL marketing is the fact that all the information garnered from your campaign can be tracked and accounted for on an individual level. This allows you to find out a great deal about what makes your campaign work – and what causes it to fail. But better yet, it allows you to see exactly who is interested in what you have to offer, and where you should direct your follow up efforts.

Adding a pURL campaign to your direct marketing is a great way to improve your response rates. And following these pURL marketing best practices is the best way to ensure that your efforts pay off.

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