Email Campaigns – Direct Mail Without Paying For Postage!

There is a big mad rush to distinguish which online marketing strategy to apply. SEO techniques, Blog marketing, article submission and other such methods, which are able to direct traffic to your website, are each valid and workable technologies.

Do email campaigns even stand a chance here? Experts believe that if you have a good email list, email campaigns work exceptionally well. Internet marketing experts often use terms like excellent ROI (Returns on Investment) when discussing Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email campaigns work very best when marketing to your existing customers. These people have purchased products from you before so they in some way meet your demographics. These customers must believe in your products and/or company to some degree so it should just be a matter of determining what your customers truly need and want, offering that product, and then informing your customer base that you now have that product for sale. Email campaigns can pull of this promotion as effectively (advertising and cost wise) better than any medium that has ever existed.

If not already doing so, you should be creating your “opt in” list, a list of email recipients that have given you permission to solicit their business through email. This can be done at your checkout counter, through your website and many other various methods.

There are list companies that exist whereas you can purchase lists to market to. The ROI is usually not as high as marketing to your existing customers, but this is consistent with any and all means of traditional advertising.

The email addresses should have been collected by legal means or else you could be reported with CAN-SPAM, a law that governs email marketing.

Assuming you have your list ready to go, produce your sales copy, create an artistic design, edit your piece, pull up your database and ship it out. Email marketing campaigns can be very successful in generating leads, repeat business, making announcements, etc.

To produce top level results with email marketing, businesses send a drip, a flow, or stream of emails to their target. This consistent stream will get noticed and if the product promoted is needed and wanted by the correctly defined target market, your cash register will be singing!

Like all other activities, email campaigns is not overly difficult, but can be time-consuming. There are email campaign services, like that quickly and at an insignificant minimal cost will handle the entire campaign from start to finish.

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