Email Marketing – The “In-Thing” Today

Email marketing is a form of internet marketing that is enjoying tremendous success in modern times. Who could have imagined that you can reach out to millions of people all over the world, sitting in the comfort of your house? Today, this is the most thriving marketing strategy with good success rates.

There are multiple reasons for this form of marketing to thrive. The primary reason is the minuscule cost involved. If you design the email yourself for your company, then, it would not even cost $1 to reach out to one person. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an email account and you are good to go! So, with such minimal costs involved wouldn’t you agree that this is the best form of marketing during recession?

The other reason for email marketing to be successful is readability. Most of the time people ignore the ads in television, radio, newspaper and even fliers because they are hard pressed for time. Generally, they tend to ignore such ads. However, in the case of emails, they will definitely read it at least once. And if you have designed it creatively, you can be rest assured that you would have earned a lead.

Let us see why email marketing has an upper hand over its close competitor, direct marketing. The cost of sending direct mails involves postal charges, whereas there are no charges while an email is being sent. The response rate for direct mails through courier or post is just one percent; however, the response rate for email marketing is a whooping five to ten percent. Now, isn’t that amazing! It is no wonder more people each day are considering switching over to this marketing strategy.

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