How to Choose a Network Marketing System

A network marketing system is crucial to your online success. But, is your network marketing system lying to you? Here are some things to consider when choosing and following a network marketing system.

Duplication Slap

Search engines do not like duplication. That’s why we work hard to put out original content. That’s why we rewrite our articles. If your network marketing system is not fully customizable, they are setting you up for failure before you ever begin. When choosing a marketing system be sure that you have the ability to place your own unique content on your pages.

Link Love

One method of keeping your pages search engine friendly is having most links point directly to your own website. However, most systems have your website links pointing directly back to their main website. They might have your name tacked on at the end, but it is always pointing back to their website. This gives them higher authority and guarantees that their page will be displayed before yours. So, when choosing a network marketing system be sure you can host your website on your own domain and all links point directly to you, not anyone else.

Who’s Primary Business?

The ultimate goal of any network marketing system is to lead your prospects back to your primary business. Does your system allow you to use your own business and not theirs? Who is ultimately going to benefit from the system you choose? It’s a question most definitely worth asking.

Complete Training

The first 2 years of my network marketing career was nothing but failure. It took 2 full years for me to figure out why. Here it is in a nutshell. My upline was giving me just enough information to give me a little success without being competitive to them. When choosing a network marketing system make sure that you are given complete training. This includes both free and paid methods. Everything from social media to content marketing all the way to email marketing and yes, even personal development.

Generating Leads

Many systems give you a way to generate leads. If not they are not even worth considering. However, who has control of these leads? Who is emailing these leads. If you do not have 100% control over the leads you generate something is wrong. Even if your system sends out just one email to your list that means they are storing your list somewhere. When choosing a network marketing system make sure you have complete control over the leads you are generating.


Many systems claim to be free only to, at the last minute, spring costs on you. Now, I am not saying anything is wrong for there to be a cost involved. Quite the opposite. In fact, if they are asking for money to use their system I know they are not using sneaky methods to benefit from me in other ways. The point is, make sure the network marketing system you are thinking about is completely transparent. Both in their intentions and their cost.

A good network marketing system will be of huge benefit to your online business. They will save you time, money and save your downline from attrition. However, be sure to do your research on any system before settling in. If they have a free or very low cost trial period do not feel bad about taking it. This will allow you to fully sum up what they are about and allow you to form an educated opinion.

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