How to Leverage the Law of Attraction in Network Marketing-MLM

Gimmicks and overuse aside, the Law of Attraction is the primary force in Network Marketing/MLM. Simply put, growing your downline without attracting others is impossible.

So how do you effectively leverage the Law of Attraction in your network marketing opportunity? To increase your attractiveness, the first thing you want to do is step back from the hoopla you hear at company functions and assess your market. Running around like a crazy person bothering your friends and neighbors is NOT attractive.

That’s easy enough… just think about why you joined. What attracted you to join your MLM business? Was it the product? The team leader(s)? The promise of wealth, passive income, and financial freedom? Now here’s where that “you have to believe” part comes in that you’ve probably heard repeated over and over by your upline.

You do have to believe. Not in the company and not necessarily in the product (although it doesn’t hurt), but in yourself. You need to believe you can learn and then share the necessary skills to help others grow their own network marketing business.

Once you believe, if you are lacking some of the necessary skills you must acquire them. This is the foundation for a huge attractor – confidence. The next step is share — educate — involve… give valuable information to others that are seeking now, just like you were seeking when you joined your MLM. This is a major part of attraction marketing. By being what others seek, they cannot help but be attracted to you — the Law of Attraction in action.

Confidence, direction, knowledge, motivation, passion, good nature, humor, trustworthiness — these character traits are often associated with success and they do wonders for up and coming leaders in network marketing. Other aspiring entrepreneurs, seeking success, are naturally attracted to these markers. Instead of “fake it till you make it,” learn to “believe it, be it, and breathe it” [TM] and your attractive character is born.

Then it is just a matter of sharing your attractiveness. Sort and segment your market with direct response marketing (a common tool behind most Top Earner’s businesses). Instead of pushing your opportunity to everyone within three feet, put your message out in a confident manner among a group of like-minded individuals and live the difference.

Attraction is about being chased more than about chasing. Teach your market to want you and you create your own wealth.

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