If You Only Knew The Truth About Network Marketing

If you think network marketing is going door-to-door selling soap you need to pay attention. That’s what I thought it was because I had been listening to the know-it-alls, the Monday morning quarterbacks.

They have all the answers and NO money.

It was a few years ago when I was introduced to mlm, but what I had assumed it was and what it actually is are completely different. I discovered network marketing during a frustrating day at work. I was voicing my frustration with a fellow employee and he told me that he had found a way to quit his job within the next couple of years.

I began questioning him about how he was going to do that. Since he was just getting started he was struggling for an explanation without spilling all the beans and losing me before I knew all the details. Well I had seen a catalog laying around and eventually I guessed what it was. It was Amway.

No! No! No!

I’m told him I’m NOT doing Amway.

But he was smart because he asked me what I knew about it. When I gave him my uneducated answer he knew all he had to do was get me to sit down for a presentation because I was hungry, I was frustrated and I wanted out of my dead end job.

After I agreed to sit down with him for a presentation I was in. I had big dreams and they showed me people living like I wanted to live and that’s all it took. I got my kit and I went to work. But the “A” word was a big hurdle to get over because people thought they knew all about it. They didn’t want to sell soap. Once a person thinks they know something, even if they’re wrong, it’s virtually impossible to accept the truth.

I worked the business for awhile and made a little bit of money but I didn’t like my upline and I didn’t like having to sneak the “A” word into my presentation. It was just too hard for what the return was even though they had great products and were a highly successful company.

I started looking for a new company before I decided to abandon ship. I loved having my own business from home, the comraderie, the positive atmosphere, but just not with that company. As I was searching for a new “home” I got in touch with one of the more successful distributors of a nutritional supplement company. I was trying to defend what I was already doing but then he asked me, “are you making $10,000 per month yet?”

Of course I wasn’t, and since he was making more than that & willing to show me exactly how to do it too, I was in. The products were also more in line with my lifestyle and hobbies.

Now the company is 19 years old and going stronger than ever. They just experienced a 40% increase in growth this last year. Even with the economy in turmoil.

So much for the notion that you have to get in on the ground floor to make any money. I know people that started 2 years ago that are making more money than people that started 5 years ago. It’s all what you put in it.

Is that how your job works?

Network marketing is a real business, with real products and people earning real incomes. Some people make huge incomes. For some reason though, when people join a network marketing company, they have this idea that they’re going to be millionaires overnight. That’s not going to happen. So when things don’t happen overnight they give up and quit.

It is a business and it takes work, hence NetWORK Marketing.

It’s just like a lot of other things, you get out of it what you put into it. I know you’re probably not going to be getting much more than a 6% raise over the next 2 years. I also know people who are consistent and are with a legit company(there are scams out there) that are increasing there income by $2,000 to $5,000 per month within 2 years. Some are able to completely replace their income from their J.O.B.

So if you’re looking for a way out of the weekly grind that’s taking you nowhere fast, you need to at least get the facts before you make your decision. Look for a solid, reputable company that has proven products. And don’t think you have to get in on the ‘ground floor.’ Just like every other business, getting it off the ground is the hardest part. You don’t want to give a business 2 or 3 years of your life only to have them fold just as you’re business is really taking off.

With the internet your opportunities are endless. If you learn the right way to attract people, they’ll be coming to you. And those people are ready to go. No more attacking people in the malls or inviting them over to dinner just to show them your ‘plan.’

The world of network marketing has evolved. The world itself is evolving and changing at rapid speeds. We aren’t going back to the way things used to be. This is a new way to distribute goods and services. The corporate hierarchy is losing it’s power. Do your homework and see if this type of business is for you. Despite what others say, it’s not for everyone. But at the same time, everyone can do it.

When you see how big and fast some of these companies are growing you’ll be astounded. You’ll probably also discover how some of the top dogs are leveraging the power of the internet and making money literally while they sleep.

What’s not to like?

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