Magento Ingram Fulfillment and Direct Marketing

When you are talking about fulfillment it is simply defined as fulfilling or completing an order or desire or want. In ecommerce it means the process of receiving the initial order for the merchandise, then packaging the merchandise and shipping the merchandise. Magento Ingram Fulfillment is a software program that allows Ingram books whether ebooks or physical book orders that are placed to be fulfilled or the order completed. Whether you are in the startup process of an ecommerce website or already have made the decision of a ecommerce software program like Magento or already have a ecommerce software platform installed and in use you can add a fulfillment extension such as Magento Ingram Fulfillment or some form of it that may not be related directly to the sales or catalog of Ingram ebooks or physical books or Magento Ingram Fulfillment.

Since fulfillment is the process whereby your customer receives their merchandise it is a very important process and one that must be performed expertly and correctly for several reasons. One of the reasons is that you want your customer to receive the correct order. If there is a mistake made then someone, generally the seller has to eat the costs to correct the order. This directly affects the bottom line. Also if the incorrect order was fulfilled then you have a very upset customer and probably you won’t have a repeat customer nor will they recommend your ecommerce site to anyone else. And word of mouth is often delivered these days via a social networking site where it gets very wide free distribution.

Any ecommerce website has to be involved with direct marketing. When you use a fulfillment program you will have data that you can utilize for a direct marketing program because a fulfillment program will keep statistical date about your customers that you can access or get in a report form. Then you can send solicited or unsolicited emails to the customers which is a form of direct marketing. Direct marketing are those marketing strategies that are not traditional such as TV or radio. Since direct marketing involves getting and maintaining a large database with your customers or potential customers information in it fulfillment gathers this data. Some fulfillment programs even notify you that a potential customer has added an item to their wish list. This is what makes up the foundation of a good direct marketing program. So a fulfillment software package whether as an extension or within the original software platform is a good way to acquire this potentially important information. Also it can be concluded that people who use the internet to shop understand that their data is kept in an internet database so they almost expect to receive emails advertising products and special offers.

A Magento or similar software platform for ecommerce is a strong element in becoming a successful ecommerce website. It gives the site owner a powerful tool to tweak the website and the related programs which includes a fulfillment program.

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